NOW&FUTURE: JAPAN commemorates one year since the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami through the three simultaneous contemporary art projects YOKO ONO: MEND PIECE, 2000 CHILDREN and BE/LONGINGS, with a coinciding catalogue publication. Artists include Marina Abramavic, Andy Goldsworthy, Chiharu Shiota, Kiki Smith, Cornelia Parker, Isaac Julien, Whitney McVeigh, Richard Wilson.

The aim of the project is to raise urgent social awareness and financial support for the children who lost their parent(s) or guardians in the disaster. In order to achieve this goal, educational workshops for children and academic seminars for adults will be run. These events are in addition to the evening of charitable auction and the audience-participatory work by Yoko Ono exhibited throughout the period. http://www.nowandfuturejapan.org.uk/artist.html

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