19th-24th June, 2014

The show will present the work of artists who have been exploring various processes and attempting to get new results, whether they have developed their own technique or have kept in line with classical tradition of printing or drawing and who have as a result created interesting textural works. Through a salon-style installation of 2-D black and white works, the viewer will be introduced to a panel of artworks presenting a selection of various techniques such as lithography, drawing, etching, collotype, biro-drawing, digitally processed photography, screen-printing, monoprint, etc . The artists will have to share their technicality with the viewer through a “fiche technique” (fact sheet) which would describe their choice of materials, 'craftsmanship' and the different production stages. The exhibition will take place in Balzac's printing room, 17-19 rue Visconti, Paris.


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